Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I was ratted out ..

yes today I have been on this glorious planet for 34 years. Not always easy and not always with out trials , but that's how the Lord intended it. I have had many well wishes for a fabulous birthday and I thank each and every one of you for them. I don't have any friends that live physically near me so my loverly friend Bridgett wanted to do a crafting challange together today. A yahoo group I belong to had posted a challenge that seemed perfect for the occasion so I asked her to do it with me. Check out Bridgett's birthday cupcake. I love it! So I have spent my day doing what I like best which is crafting. Here is my version of the card. And let me just say while the challange was emailed to me via a group the idea comes from here.

And on that note I have also done a cute case of this adorable little frankie from Dawn's Blog Spot. I made him into a little treat box some kids are gonna be happy to get this Halloween. Isn't it adorable? Dawn thanks for the tutorial!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Frankie girlie... Love your treat box with him ..
Dawn Griffith

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