Monday, January 19, 2015

My 12th Man projects

I would like to start saying I am a Cowboys fan living in Seahawks Territory. Yes, it makes for some very interesting months at work during the holidays when I show up wearing my jersey. It doesn't help when one of my favorite and dearest best of friends is a Seahawk fan and I have untold access to Seahawk fabric and craft supplies. So for Christmas I bought 2 yards of fabric to make her this infinity scarf...
Photo by Erin Peasner

While on enforced bed rest I decided I needed to use up all my excess fabric supply and so I decided to make a rag wreath. Lucky her she gets the benefit of all my left overs lol. Like I said How Bout Them Cowboys?

In total I used approximately 3 yards of left over fabric to make a 12 x 12 square wreath.

Starting out I cut all my fabric into 9 by 2  inch strips.

Here are my piles. and wire frame ready to go. ( sorry like I said I was on bed rest and so tried to stay in bed as much as possible.
Taking one strip folded in half  I slipped it under the wire..
then grabbed the ends through to tie a "knot"
The back will look like this as you tie
Worked all the way around the frame and fluffed it up....
Here is what it looks like outside on my window where it will not stay LOL. I just wanted a picture in natural lighting.
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