Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back to life

YAY! Overnights in Retail are OVER!  I can get back to a "normal" life. Or so I thought...I have bronchitis....AGAIN......3rd time in 4 months. The Doctor is not pleased with me. So trying to make the best out of forced (and trust me its forced, I do not like spending days on end just sitting) bed rest I thought let me work on getting my blog some love. Hello Blog I missed you!

For my first entry for 2015 I am revisiting my 2014 reading list with what I read crossed off, wanna see it here it goes:
  1. The Star Wars Bounty Hunter Code . 
  2. The book of Sith
  3. Star Wars  Death Troopers
  4. The Walking Dead the Fall of the Governor part2
  5. a positive self talk book called Start my dear friend Desiree gave me.
  6. A dance with dragons(games of thrones 5)
  7. Alice in zombieland
  8. Through the zombie glass
  9. my camera manual
Pretty sad , huh? I did not do nearly as much reading as I would have liked. I need like timers set for everything for time management MY brain has so much buzzing in it that I never make time to just enjoy one thing , let alone read.  Well, no let me rephrase that I did read. I just started to re read older books. 7 books into the Left Behind series again. Thanks movie remake.  

I also started a book called Inside the Third Reich. I find the weirdest things fascinating and Nazi Germany has always been one. I want to know how humanity allowed things to happen, like trying to get into 1940s psyche.My father was always wondering why I was reading and studying that time period. I thank 3rd grade English and reading the Diary of Anne Frank for that one. 

My kiddos turned me on to a series called Quarantine. Somehow teenagers become deadly to adults and so they abandon  them in their  high school and the only way to survive is in gang like groups. That's really all I can say about it in a nutshell. Its pretty good. We just bought the 3rd and newest book in the series. Young adult fiction is pretty good these days.  Its not all Sweet Valley High....Although if any one knows how to get the complete set let me know.

So I did read more then 9 books, Just not what I said I would read, so let's not do a list this year. Maybe this year I will just write the list as I go and share it later. 
I am happy to report though I am almost done with the first book of the year.

HAPPY 2015 ! Go forth and be the change!

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