Monday, April 9, 2012

Beauty takes flight and small update.

So I have taken some more of the images I had colored a month ago and finally turned them into something creative. This is just a small 4x4 card...

 I have to tell you I used the new cherry scented embossing powder from Stampin Up to emboss the swirls and man my room smelled like a Jolly Rancher for HOURS. I was on a contact sugar high. The stuff is amazing. Then I used my smooch spray to make my splatters. The card had to have bling right?

On the flip side, the medical issues I had going older daughter had a check up and they did her blood work and they found out her red blood cells were very tiny and she has a very high count. So they started treating her for anemia. Well, she had to get retested and then sent to the hematologist. Insert panic worried mom here. Official diagnosis is thalassemia trait. Not a big deal to her, but should she marry another trait carrier. It will affect her children. They would need blood transfusions their whole life, worst case being they'd have to start in utero. 

Then there is my dang knee issues. The last 2 weeks has been bad. I am by no means a wimp and have a very high pain tolerance. I mean to the point where I get lectures that I have not gone to be seen by several people ( I love my bestest, really I do!) This has had me in tears several times and I finally got an MRI done. So I have some hope. Not sure in what form yet but it's there lingering on the horizon.

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