Monday, February 14, 2011

A brush with fame

From June to December 2009 I wasn't picture crazy. I was just tired of holding my camera all the time. So we move onto an event that made my daughter so very happy even if it came from tragedy. After the Nov. 5 shooting that took place here on Fort Hood, we had a sort of event , for lack of a better word, where celebrities came and "supported the troops". Among them was Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. He came from his home in Ft. Worth and visited our schools and talked to the kids. I would have hated to hear the squeals of happiness when this boy walked into the middle school cafeteria where he surprised all the 6th graders. He walked around chatting people up and signing autographs. My daughter was smart. No paper on hand? No big deal. I have a lunch box.....I will admit I was kinda mad at first. What the heck that's a new lunch box and you had him sign it? Then I remembered what I would have done if I had met Donnie Wahlberg at that age. So we went out bought a new lunch box and this one sits in her room proudly displayed. What else is a mom to do?

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