Monday, May 10, 2010

Wild Things

Being the crazy mom I am, my youngest daughter asked me if she could have an early birthday party with her friends from school and crazy me I said yes. We had it this past weekend even though her birthday isn't until August. I know really early huh?
You have to understand though. Summer in a military kids world friends are either gone for vacation, or moved away. School let's out in a measely 3 weeks ( Wow that's a shocker to me I am not prepared for summer vacation.) so there really was no other choice.
My daughter wanted a mystery party. I had no idea on how to go about this, so we came up with some party games and I was searching for decorations and nothing was coming up. Well I say nothing , but murder mystery games were popping up in my searches everywhere. My hubby found an age appropriate one and man was it cool. It was a lot of prep but we were hunting for a murderer in no time.

The idea was that the kids were from zoos around the world and were coming to attend the World Wildlife conference. While enjoying their dinner, learning about each other, while tryin to collect clues someone murders the zoo director...

No this isn't me a friend wanted to play dead.

and lets out all the animals from their cages. The inspector then gathers the kids around...

and passes out clues about where to find animals. There were 36 animals hidden around the house. I didn't get anymore pictures of the hunt because it was literally a zoo after that.
After the hunt (and I realize this looks a bit morbid) we had cake...

thank goodness I held onto the safari decor from Michelle's sleep over because it was all reused.

So after a 3 am night and the last child being picked up at noon, hubby and I were spent!

Sunday was a mellow day. Still trying to recover from the party , we just headed to my dead friends house for a BBq and came home. I did get some great handmade stuff from Kyla, Michelle made me breakfast in bed, and hubby took care of the dishes. Couldn't have asked for more.

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