Friday, May 7, 2010

My Purple Passion

How about a really fun purple day? I went through some favorite cartoon characters of mine and guess what? All Purple! LOVE LOVE LOVE my color LOL.

Do you remember her?Shy Violet always reading, smart, problem solving and always ready to offer her advice. She had to be asked of course because well she's shy. I identified with her. We have a lot of the same traits.

The Cheshire cat, He was the best part of Alice's crazy world. And who can resist that grin?

Count Von Count. Who didn't like learning to count with this guy? My favorite scenes where when he was with another character and they were trying to get something accomplished and all he wanted to do was count. Cracked me up to see the other Muppets get frustrated.

The grape ape, big furry , fun and misunderstood. the sure size of him would send people clammering for the hills. Yelling GORILLLLLLLAAAAA!
This one is my favorite one though. When I saw the Heffelump movie with my kids I just fell in love with him. It was his laugh. I love infectious laughs and he just has the best one. He's so cheerful too, until he misses his mum and then he just broke my heart. I even have a huge stuffed Lumpy Dumpy in my craft room from Disneyland Paris. Only thing I wanted while I was there!

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