Friday, April 2, 2010

My Purple Passion

Today's purple passion is all about a womans love... Shoes.
I am not a typical women , I don't own a zillion pairs of them, but I do love looking at them.
I can't wear heels due to being bow legged and pigeon toed at birth, which has been corrected but I walk on the outsides of my feet and I would so break an ankle.
Seeing as I have bad luck right now with my right ankle with flat shoes why tempt fate?
LOL enough if my medical history on to the good stuff...
Look at these beautys. I love Mary Jane type shoes so classic.
These are perfect for a day of hanging out. And plaid I adore plaid.

These are dedicated to My pal Jeannie LOL why might you ask? Dolce & Gabbana BABY!
2 words she will need to remember when shopping in ITALY!

I love ruffles .What an adorable place to have them on your FEET!

And my personal favorite ,simple suede boots. Great for jeans , skirts , or slacks.

Things of beauty, Now go out and color the world your favorite color!


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