Saturday, April 17, 2010

52 blessings -16

I am putting a disclaimer in front of the following post because this may seem a bit extreme to some. It is my opinion, to which I am entitled to.

I read somewhere that 97% of America claim to be Christian. 97%..... so why are we catering to the 3% that have no faith?

I don't mean to be all controversial or anything but we have a National Day of Prayer. A day set aside so that those who do have faith can feel a spiritual oneness with others . You do not have to participate. Heck most people do not even know when it is. but yet
The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed its lawsuit against government officials in October 2008.

The group argued the day violated the separation of church and state because it said that government officials, in observing it, too often adopted the religious perspective of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, based at the headquarters of Focus on the Family, a Christian advocacy group based in Colorado Springs, Colo.

So they are trying to put an end to a day of prayer. Have we become so politically correct in this country that we are afraid of hurting 3% of the populations feelings?

What does this have to do with my blessings you may ask. Well I am thankful to the Lord for our freewill. I see nothing wrong with you choosing to pray in public or anywhere else for that matter. If I don't like it I will not listen or turn away. I will not however get in your face about it. Now some people might think that this means I support terrorist or pagan type religions...well if they are here in the US they have that right. I am sorry but they do many of my friends are in the military and give them that amended right. Do I agree with their views? HECK no. However it does not give ME , the government or anyone the rights to take it away from them if they are following within the law. This country was founded on most part by a belief in a higher being, the seperation of church and state came because the founding fathers didn't want the GOVERNMENT to decide what for us what religion to follow, and I am glad the Lord gave me the right to choose whether or not I want to believe in His word.

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