Monday, March 8, 2010

52 blessings 9 & 10

Normally today is Friend Making Monday.
But today's topic is the Oscars and I didn't watch it so because I missed 2 weeks of Sunday blessings I thought I might catch up.

Blessing number 9 is for all the brilliant creative minds out there who share their talent with the rest of us.
I am constantly amazed at what some peoples minds come up with and the joy they get sharing with the world.
Even more of a blessing is that I get to benefit from these people. If you are a papercrafter you know what I am talking about, If you have any doubts just check out the creative minds at Splitcoast Stampers.

Blessing 10 is for my Mother-in-Law.
So many times I hear about how people really dispise their MIL and I know I am blessed with Gayna.
Every phone call is an abundance of what a great job I am doing as a mother and wife to her son and she lets Chris live his life. She may not always agree with something he does but because it is a decision he has made she will find a positive in it.
She has never once made me feel like I am not good enough for her son.

Chris is her only child but she is always thinking of ways to literally spoil the heck out of all of us. This arrived at my house Friday afternoon.
She is always on the look out for stuff to encourage our loves and when saw the Cricut Expression and the my story book binder combo she thought it was the greatest thing and even though I told her I had a regular Cricut she sent me the expression anyway.
She is the best mother in law I could ever ask for and I love her dearly.
Thank You Gayna for everything you do for us. We don't say it nearly enough.
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