Friday, February 5, 2010

Orange you glad

Well its time for another YaYa orange you glad weekend. So to join in click her button above and make a post on your fav color!

I forgot to do my research this weekend. Lucky for me Jeannie has sent me mega fun mail ,all in purple.
Love the dress on this, Now if i could just get it a tad bigger! LOL

She sent this one for our anniversary last Friday! Chris said ohh you got mail I said no it's for US, he thought it was so cool ,Jeannie. He's starting to take a shine to you maybe i can talk him into Italy yet.
My kids so want these fun goodies so I hid them. Mommy can have fun stuff too guys sheesh!

Then my favorite thing this week. I got a purple ipod for my anniversary. It takes videos and everything ( i haven't played with it yet so I don't know if i can upload them onto youtube!). I already had a green one and was mad the purple came out later. So glad hubby loves me enough to get me a new one!

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