Monday, December 28, 2009

Tuneful Tuesdays

I remember my senior year in high school when my english teacher us we'd be studying The Phantom of the Opera. It was met with much groaning and complaints it was going to be boring. Imagine my surprise when I heard the music and fell in love. I threw myself into studying that semester more then I had anything. It became a goal to see this show live. What I remember more then my love for this musical, is what my teacher told me after a paper I wrote about the play. He said Christina give yourself the chance to attend college, study writing. You really could be great at it. I had never been told I would be great at anything. Of Course I didn't listen I got pregnant a year later. But the memory of the shock, awe, and sense of wowness still stays with me. In honor of that belief I present you with this weeks music selection. Think of Me.


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