Thursday, July 9, 2009

The house...(long)

So we are in and working on getting stuff settled. I say settled because not only did we move, this week we had dental appts, had to rearrange furniture because housing didn't wire the house right for cable and internet, and had a new couch delivered which is why I have not blogged. Ohh that and I am newly obsessed with the facebook game Sorority Life. That has been taking all my internet time...ok all my time period.

I didn't want to start sharing pics until I got everything where it needed to be. So to start as not to confuse people here is a floor plan of the downstairs of the house. As with all things military my house is in the reverse order but it will give you some clue as to what the house we moved into looks like. Pictures can be so confusing.

OK here is the entry and to the left iss the living dining area where you see my shrunk.This is taken from one corner of the living /dining combo. Yes we put the living room in the dining room because this is where we had to put the cable per the cables guys instruction.This is the other half of the room we originally had all our furniture over there. Across from the chair there is the walk way into the kitchen . So here's the veiw from the chair. Here is a view from the other end of the breakfast nook. LOl you can see I took this one before we moved furniture and got a new couch.

Here is the family room AKA my craft area now. It looks so not put togther again all spread out n a big space.View from corner by window.View down short hallway to bedroom downstairs and that's closed due to the fact right now its being used as a catch all for boxes and stuff we didn't need right away and it a mess you can also see the staircase. downstairs bathroom is on the left there.Veiw of long hall by the downstairs bath. Yes it is a full bath.That open door on the left is my laundry room. View going up the stairs

This is taken on the landing half way up . I am used to small military housing my walls look bare.

ok floor plan of floor no. 2

This is the what you see when you hit the top of the stairs the game room.

We have since gotten a tv stand for the tv, wii, karaoke, nintendo 64, and dvd player in here. Same corner though.
And not a good pic but we have a huge balcony that is over our backyard. Taken by tvgotta love the closet it holds all thing militaryOk excuse the mess I had not made my bed and I was doing laundry but here is the master bedroom from the doorway.
Master taken by window. I now have the loveseat to my blue couch in that open area by the second window.
View from master bedroom door. Where the light is shining on the wall is the dorrway to the front balcony. Now on the left at the end of this hall is .... Kyla's bedroom from dorrway

taken from by the window. you can see the loft open area from her door there. Then from across the hall is ....
Michelle's preteen we all remember doing this to our walls room. I know the valance doesn't match JCP was out of them .
View from by the window,. Well There you have it our house top to bottom. Have any ideas for decorating the bare walls please share them. I can paint but it has to be painted back when I move out so I try not to go that route. I may do border in my kitchen but other then that no idea. So let me know what you think.

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