Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Fling!

I have mentioned sits before. It is such a great place to see new blogs from people with wickedly senses of humor. I love it. Well today is spring fling YIPPEEE! They are having hourly giveaways and lots of bloggers are having giveaways as well. So as I am looking through the giveaways I am thinking I want to participate but what can I offer that so many people haven't already put up?

It hit me like a lighting bolt hours later. So here it is.....

I am offering the chance to win the twilight movie dvd when it is released. Genius right? Well for Twilight lovers anyway. You are thinking but I have preordered it...well if you win you can always cancel and get your money back . Free is free right? SO to win all you have to leave a comment and declare your team ,Jacob or Edward! If you haven't read the books well just say HI then I will count it!

Personally I run with werewolves!

contest ends tomorrow morning at 7am when I will use random. org to chose a winner! Please make sure you have a good email address attched to your ID! Good Luck!

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