Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just came in from my daughters school who had a freedom reigns assembly. Much like Pearl Harbor to me, children in elementary schools everywhere will learn about this tragic day in American history thru books. If you think about it even an 8th grader was only about 6 when this event took a hold of our lives. Only my oldest at 14 knows what exactly happened on this day. Only he and I remember that the planes that crashed into the towers were playing all day on the TV, that believe it or not I had a parent who was flying that day from New York to CA and we could not reach him.He has since gone back to visit New york. We also remember not knowing if we would see my husband anytime soon since he was out training for this sort of mission anyway. We got a 5 min phone call just so we would know he was on lock down and OK.

Since that day many people have forgotten what it was like to have the sense of unity in something or someone. We have gone back to the days before the war of rushing and scattering here and back and it isn't until this day comes by or you have a loved one sent to Afghanistan or Iraq that the severity of this day hits us. So if you see a soldier today thank them for doing what they thought was their duty to fight this war. You may not believe in this war you may think its a crock...I will be honest I do. But these guys have to do what their Commander -in- Chief orders them to do. THEY DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE TO BE THERE. Many would rather not go, and there are movies out there showing the "evil " of it all. Many decide not to go and face jail because the reality of it all is they just can not face the horrors again. I have been blessed my husband has gone twice , he is alive, but reality again he has been in vehicles that have run over IED's 3 times,Has felt the after shocks of vehicles around him more then that. Other then minor PTSD he is OK. I am one of the luckiest ones. I may not support the war but I support the soldiers that have to face the reality of it. I hope many of them come home safe.

On a side note I think that many people wonder about God, Allah, Jehovah, whomever or whatever it is you believe in, in these times. I do not have knowledge of many of these religions and I have my beliefs though I do not try to force them on anyone else, I will say that I believe that God is saddened by all this and in the bible it says He will let the angel known as Satan rule this earth for a period of time. Do you honestly think a loving God would do this to so many innocent people? Think about it. This is a picture my dad took at ground zero I believe it is a sign God is waiting for us to invite him back into our lives.

I know someone out there may be offended by what I have said, For that I am so sorry but that's the beauty of today. I have the right to my opinion. But before anyone leaves a negative comment let me just say I monitor my comments so even though you may disagree and you have that right. I will get it but not everyone else will read it.
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