Friday, April 13, 2007

so I read in the paper yesterday that all units are being extended overseas 3 months. Not sure how this is gonna affect us as a family but personally I am very down about it all. I mean I know that troops deserve to have 12 months home between rotations but lets face it in reality its more like 7 months because of training and field problems trying to maintain readiness. Dad tried to cheer me up about it all , but there is just no doing it.
Then there's the move I am trying to pack and move stuff before my dad and brother get here to move heavy stuff and it just is taking forever. Housing doesn't want to co-operate and give me the keys just a bit earlier to make it just a bit easier because get this ....I got hired to work at build-a-bear but my orientaion schedule is the weekend I have to move and get this house cleaned before my final inspection. Too much piled on at once and honestly ya I did it to myself but I didn't plan any of it it just sorta fell into my lap. I mean move to a better house knowing there's a big chance we may get extended to stay here and get a job that is working with me to have hours while kiddos are in school and to help pass the time. I know that it will work in the end but for now it's all stressful.
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